Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Blog Love to Delaware

Just a quick note: One thing I love most about our state is that we're small but mighty. And when we "inspired folks" put our energy into our passions, great things happen.

There's much to be excited about in Arts & Entertainment here, and we're making great strides to spread the good word...along with our blogspace, we've got some very cool pals that are doing a damn good job of helping get the word out about artists, the Arts, nightlife, happenings and just all-around fun stuff that goes on throughout the state.

In the spirit of collaboration and a gesture of thanks to all who put the time in and care enough to do it, here's a list of "partner" blogs. Please support their (and our) efforts to keep you "in the know"! Rock on, fellow bloggers!

New Wilmington Art Association


Delaware Today Arts Buzz

Support the Arts and the blogs that love them!

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