Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jumping into the Loop

The Wilmington Art Loop means something different to so many people. For some, it’s an opportunity to have a different crowd come through their bar or restaurant. For others it’s a chance to exhibit new work, or even exhibiting for first time. For many, it’s a social event or a networking extravaganza. I took the downtown loop bus, with the fabulous Shawn at the helm. He always makes sure it’s a fun time, even though he sometimes has to play the part of Shepherd, corralling stray art-lovers back onto his bus. As usual, I met some fascinating people on the ride — a photographer, a board director of a new local dance troupe, a mathematician, and a retiree.

Colourworks is a photographic and digital imaging lab on Superfine Lane. A converted sugar mill, the exposed brick interior made a rustic backdrop for Heather Siple’s fish-eye lens photography. The magical windows she created each held their own worlds. She told me a friend had showed her how to mount the fish-eye lens onto her zoom lens, but then she discovered interesting effects when mounting it directly onto the camera. Siple loved the shadows and round “frames” this created. In her photo “Golden Mushrooms” she experimented with expired film, and got a very rich, earthy result. Her book, Through the Crystal Ball, a collection of her fish-eye lens photos, was available.


I was especially moved by Danielle Hamilton’s paintings and mosaics. Mounted in the Wilmington Library, the work of this self-taught artist is full of themes of nature, Africa and womanhood. Hamilton told me she dreams of Africa, but knows she will never visit. Her mosaic/painting “Jewels of Africa” is filled with stones, beads and rubber netting. When I asked her how she knows when a work is done, she told me the work lets her know when to stop. A friend of hers, who works at the library, suggested she submit her art for the loop exhibit. I am so glad she did! Welcome to the Loop, Danielle!

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