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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Gettin' Shady IN the Grove

by Joe del Tufo, Chief Creative Officer, Mobius New Media.

Perfect weather and an energetic crowd helped make the 2014 Shady Grove Fest a big success on Saturday, July 19. It was a great mix of diverse musical acts, dancing, delicious food and mediocre beer.  

As is the tradition...

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Why You Shouldn't Miss the Shady Grove Music Fest (Next Year)

The Shady Grove Music Fest in Arden has come and gone rather quietly, as it tends to do, despite being one of the top music festivals in Delaware. (Of course, with Firefly this year, it's hard to compete -- but what is Firefly doing for the local music scene?) The event is surprisingly low-key -- though it does kick up a bit as the day progresses into evening -- and, even more surprisingly, not very crowded. It seems a lot of folks are missing out. So, looking forward to next year's festival, here's why you shouldn't miss Shady Grove:
  • It's easily one of the best ways to sample the Wilmington/Newark and Tri-State music scene.  
  • When else can you see most of these bands during the day with your family? If you rarely get out to bars and clubs for shows, you'd be crazy to miss it. Even if you do see live music frequently, it's a nice change of pace to see band like The Bullets, The Keefs, and Deadbeatz, Inc. outdoors in the afternoon or early evening. And if you have kids (who get in free if they're under 12), they rarely have the chance to see some of these bands play live.
  • The variety: the 2012 Shady Grove festival featured rock, indie pop, punk, rockabilly, jazz and funk. There's even live visual art, as a festival billboard is painted on site during the event -- in recent years, it has been done by Wilmington graffiti artist 3EYES.
  • It really is shady! The canopy of trees in the grove behind Arden Gild Hall cools off a sunny June day, and even make light rain tolerable.
  • It benefits the Arden Gild Hall, ensuring that the arts in Delaware continues to flourish.
Missed 2012's Shady Grove Fest? You can still check out the bands:

Deadbeatz Inc.
Still Moon Servants
Spontaneous Underground
The Bullets
The Paper Janes
The Keefs

Be sure to get all of the news about next year's Shady Grove Festival by liking their Faebook Page: