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Monday, February 17, 2014

Snapshots from the DE Premiere of Jeremy O'Keefe's Somewhere Slow

Wilmington native Jeremy O'Keefe's second feature film, Somewhere Slow, had its Delaware premiere over the weekend at the Wilmington Drama League, with a red-carpet reception and two big-screen showings. Enthusiastic audiences got the chance to Q&A with O'Keefe and star Graham Patrick Martin ("Major Crimes," "Two and a Half Men"), who shared some behind-the-scenes stories and in-depth conversation about the darkly comic drama. (Fun Fact: in it's earliest incarnation, it was a Rom-Com!) If you missed the screenings of this moving "grown-up coming of age" film (and it really is a great film, regardless of our Delaware bias), it's available now to rent or purchase on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video!

Graham Patrick Martin and Jeremy O'Keefe with WDL Production Manager Kathy Buterbaugh

Martin and O'Keefe's Q&A, with moderator Elizabeth Lockman

Somewhere Slow Q&A, 2/15/14

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Don't Miss the Delaware premiere of Jeremy O'Keefe's acclaimed film Somewhere Slow, Benefiting the WDL

Climb out of your snow-and-ice-filled funk this weekend and celebrate the Wilmington Drama League's Delaware premiere of Jeremy O'Keefe's award-winning film Somewhere Slow, starring Jessalyn Gilsig ("Glee," "Nip/Tuck") and Graham Patrick Martin ("Major Crimes," "Two and a Half Men") with Lindsay Crouse and Robert Forster.

More than a screening, the premiere is your chance to meet the writer and director, Delaware native Jeremy O'Keefe and star Graham Patrick Martin, while raising funds for the Wilmington Drama League.

Somewhere Slow is O'Keefe's second feature film, and the second to take place at least partially in Delaware (his first feature, Wrestling, was shot on location in Wilmington).

There is no better place than Wilmington Drama League for the Delaware premiere of the film the Los Angeles Times called "frequently affecting and mordantly funny" and the New York Times declared "wonderful."

"The WDL gave me my first opportunity to write and direct back when I was 12, and then each year after that before I went to college," says O'Keefe, who grew up in the Highlands/Trolley Square neighborhood and attended Cab when it was still only a middle school and graduated from A.I. du Pont in 1998. "I directed a young Keith Powell ("30 Rock") in the one-act play festival and a young Aubrey Plaza in my mainstage production of Here's Love -- and it was the belief of the members of the WDL and the community that supports this wonderful and magical theatre that gave me the strength and confidence to pursue the arts at a professional level. I owe any career that I might have to the WDL."

While his debut feature film, Wrestling, was a triumph, Somewhere Slow shows his progression in the industry, as respect for his work continues to grow. The film's stars, who went all-in as producers, make their confidence clear.

"The script grabbed me immediately," says Gilsig. "Sometimes you read something and think, 'I want to go there, I want to explore that story, that world.' Jeremy and I agreed to partner on the project in hopes of pooling our resources and seeing if we could get the film made while retaining the original vision he had. It’s been a long and varied road but entirely rewarding, especially now that it is reaching and audience and they are connecting the story the way I did originally."

Martin, who will be on hand for Q&As after the screenings, was similarly drawn to the script. "It's rare to find a script like this one that felt so raw and real -- there were no gimmicks at all," he says. "It was my first time working as the lead role in a film, which added a certain amount of pressure. Jeremy made me feel completely comfortable and confident in my work. I also loved how he worked more as a collaborator than a director. It was always a group effort and everyone's input mattered to him. That's pretty special."

"I think of the film as a beautiful short story," Gilsig says. "It explores the fantasy of: what if you could just stop the world and step off for a moment? Anna and Travis' love story is unsustainable but it’s a moment in time, and a moment they will be able to refer back to for the rest of their lives. It feels relatable to me. And I hope is an unexpected and effective escape for the audience."

Somewhere Slow premieres in Delaware this Saturday at 8:00 pm and Sunday at 2:00 pm at the Wilmington Drama League. Regular admission is $15; VIP tickets for Saturday evening, including a meet and greet with O'Keefe and Martin, preferred seating, a pre-screening coctkail reception and admission to the after-party, are $50. Proceeds benefit Wilmington Drama League. Purchase tickets via