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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Need a Lift This Season? Get into Kinky Boots!

The touring cast of Kinky Boots. Photo provided.
By Guest Blogger Scott Frelick
Scott is a native of Wilmington and has been involved with Wilmington Drama League, The Brandywiners and OperaDelaware. Currently, he is a member of of City Theater Company's Board of Directors. He is also an interior designer, visual artist and Realtor.

There is much uncertainty and craziness in the world today. On top of that, the pressure of holiday shopping – how do we keep our sanity? Go see KINKY BOOTS! If you need to escape into an evening of pure fun, energy and great music, this is your prescription. Kinky Boots – created by Harvey Fierstein and music icon Cyndi Lauper – is showing at The Playhouse on Rodney Square through December 18, 2016.

Kinky Boots has won every major Best Musical Award and is represented around the world with the Tony Award-winning Broadway Company now in its fourth year. Inspired by true events, Kinky Boots explores the relationship between sons seeking acceptance from their fathers. It also delivers a great lesson on accepting all people for just who they are.

Charlie Price is struggling to live up to his father’s expectations and continue the family shoe company, Price & Son. The company in Northampton, England is on the brink of collapse unless Charlie can figure a way to save the business. In an unlikely turn of events, his life’s path is crossed with the ever-glamorous and dramatic Lola. With the factory’s future hanging in limbo, Charlie and Lola take a huge gamble on fashion boots made for female impersonators. These sturdy new stilettos are a fabulous success and save the day.

The Kinky Boots touring cast features Wilmington's very own Collin Jeffery playing Young Charlie. The two main characters – Charlie played by Adam Kaplan and Lola played by J. Harrison Ghee – do a wonderful job, but Mr. Ghee is the clear star of this show and steals every scene in the most glorious way. Another true standout in the cast is Lauren, played by Tiffany Engen. Not only is her singing voice superior, she also brings a special touch of comedy to the show with every appearance. Her timing in something as simple as a hand gesture brings laughter to the audience.

This is definitely the kind of show one leaves feeling happy, lighthearted and okay with the world. The best show I have seen at The Playhouse on Rodney Square in a while. A must see!

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