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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Wonder of "Wonderland" in Wilmington

Wonderland at Delaware Children's Theatre.
Photo by Mike Malaney.
By Guest Bloggers Traci Murphy and Mallory Murphy. Traci Murphy is editor & co-founder of Brandywine Buzz, a free weekly email and blog for parents in the Brandywine Valley. Her daughter Mallory, age 12, is a theatre enthusiast, actor and 6th Grader at Brandywine Springs School.

Fighting siblings. A dog that only listens sometimes. Questionable food and drink. Insane acquaintances. Picking your battles. A leader that has no patience left. If there was ever a theatre metaphor for parenthood, this mom thinks it’s Wonderland: Alice’s Rock & Roll Adventure, running at Delaware Children's Theatre February 24 through March 18.

Wonderland reminds us that "children and unicorns are fabulous monsters” — and together they have fabulous fun together onstage. Perfect for the "curiouser and curiouser” kids and tweens you’re corralling, Wonderland has fun music, plenty of dancing and audience participation to engage even the youngest theatre-goers (some parts are a smidge dark), and clever lines will amuse the adults that are tagging along.
After all, we are all the Queen of Hearts sometimes — particularly when she tells Alice to “ do what I say just because I said” — who can't relate to that? And while Alice and the Queen command your attention, your heart will be stolen by the little Dormouse who naps the scenes away.

Wonderland: Alice’s Rock & Roll Adventure raps and rhythms its way into stealing your heart while it rocks your socks off. 

The 'flowers' in the cast of Wonderland at Delaware Children's Theatre.
Photo by Sheena Brooker.

I really enjoyed going to see 
Wonderland at the Delaware Children’s Theater! I was an actor in Madagascar at this theater this season, so it was very fun to get to see people that I work with performing in a new show. 

The show was really fun, and the actors were very talented. I think my favorite part of the show was the music  it made the play a lot different than the animated movie. The costumes were beautiful, especially the flowers. Good job, cast and crew! 
- Mallory

Thursday, October 6, 2016

"The Little Mermaid" makes for a Delightful Afternoon at the Delaware Children’s Theatre

The Little Mermaid is such a delightful show for the whole family and a great way for parents to introduce their children to theater. This exciting production will enchant both the young and the young at heart!

Lynne Lew at Scuttle and Sarah Robertson as Ariel.
Director Tom Marshall has assembled a wonderful cast and crew to bring this Disney favorite to the stage here in Wilmington. With a captivating “underwater” set designed by Cam Hay and sea-like animals and mythical sea creatures created through gorgeous make-up design by Kellye Porter-Martin, fabulous wigs and hair designed by Debbie Norkavage, and inventive costumes designed by Nancy Kennard (I especially enjoyed the “umbrella jellyfish”), the setting and characters made famous in the 1989 animated film truly come to life.

I’m sure most people are familiar with the story about a princess mermaid (Ariel) who lives with her father (King Triton) and six older sisters in the vast ocean, but is intrigued by humans and has become more interested in their lifestyle than her own. This intrigue intensifies when Ariel saves the dashing Prince Eric from drowning after being overthrown from his ship during a storm. Since King Triton doesn’t trust humans and believes they are at fault for his wife’s untimely death, Ariel is forbidden to go to the ocean’s surface with her friends and is meant to stay in her aquatic home and concentrate on her singing – a talent she shared with her deceased mother. Wanting an opportunity to be with Eric, Ariel defies her father and makes a deal with his evil sister Ursula – a sea urchin that has been banished by Triton to live far under the dark sea.

The wicked deal allows Ariel to become human for three days, but she will be mute and her voice will be kept by Ursula. In order to remain human and to regain her voice, the prince must kiss her before the three days are up, or Ursula will keep her voice and Ariel will become one of Ursula’s slaves. 

Now human, Ariel is spending time with the prince and becoming acquainted with her new lifestyle. Ariel is doing her best to get Eric to kiss her, but time is running out! You probably know how it ends, but just in case you don’t…I won’t ruin it for you. You’ll have to see the show for yourself

Sarah Robertson leads the cast as the curious and adventurous Ariel. She is charming as the innocent young mermaid and has a gorgeous voice that sweetly soars throughout the theater. Ashley Baker is frighteningly good as Ursula. She has an amazingly strong voice that evokes fear in the audience. Conner Malley as Prince Eric and Jonathan Dalecki as King Triton are captivating and have a great presence on stage. Lynne Lew (Scuttle – the sea bird), Adelaide Nourie (Flounder) and Will Rotsch (Sebastian – the crab) bring great humor and excitement as the friends who share in Ariel’s adventures.
Don’t miss this classic musical with memorable songs written by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman. Like me, I’m sure you’ll find yourself singing along to “Under the Sea” and “Kiss the Girl,” among many others! The Little Mermaid closes on October 30. 

For tickets and additional information visit 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dewey Shares an Open Casting Call for Dogs!

Dewey the Art Dog happily shares this info with all the talented and arts-loving pooches out there!

The Delaware Children’s Theatre (DCT) is seeking to cast the role of “Toto”, Dorothy’s beloved dog, in its upcoming sequel to The Wizard of Oz.  This potential canine star should be Toto-like, calm and well behaved. If your pet is chosen, he or she will be featured in DCT's original musical,  Welcome Back to Oz: Dorothy Meets The Patchwork Girl,  written and directed by Donna Marie Swajeski.

DCT is actively looking for a special dog, small to medium sized, who captures the spirit of Toto.  Our new Toto's lucky owner must be available to escort this 'star' to a few rehearsals in February and be present  at all performances Saturday and Sunday afternoons in March.  “Calling all Yorkies, terriers,  Malteses, and adorable mutts. I've worked in dog rescue and know there are many fantastic dogs out there who may just steal this show. Good behavior skills a must but no acting experience required. Pay, non-negotiable, is in dog treats," states Donna Marie Swajeski.

Interested dog owners can submit photos of their dog to the Delaware Children’s Theatre via email at or on Facebook. Please submit a line or two about "Why your dog would be the perfect Toto."  Dog and owner will practice with the cast and perform in nine shows from March 7-29.  The deadline for submission is January 23, 2015 at noon.  Calls backs will be held in late January.  “Toto” is the last role to be cast.    

Welcome Back to Oz is part of a series of original musicals produced, written and directed by Donna Swajeski, an Emmy winning writer and the Artistic Director at DCT.   “For decades, The Wizard of Oz has been a children's book that families have embraced. It's an inspiring story with wonderful life lessons and in this sequel, we get a chance to see what's happened to the Lion, Tin man and Scarecrow now that they have their gifts from the Wizard. In its day, The Wizard of Oz was so popular that Baum was asked time and time again to write new stories featuring Dorothy and Toto – that's what we are bringing to our audience.” states Donna Marie Swajeski.  All the characters return in this sequel. Dorothy, Toto, Tin man, Lion, Scarecrow along with new heroines in Ojo, a loveable Munchkin and Scraps, her rag doll come to life. Dorothy leads her friends on an exciting quest to help Glinda stop the last remaining Wicked Witch from practicing Forbidden Magic.