Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kiss My Art: JR Falkinburg at the Chris White Gallery

A lifelong, self-taught artist, JR Falkinburg got his start like many kids -- by drawing his favorite comic book characters. Art was a hobby that helped him relax after a day's work as an architect. Two years ago, he started painting, and opened up a whole new world of art and experimentation.

Rarely does he work with the same medium twice. His Shipley Lofts studio is filled with pieces that reflect his adventurous nature, from found object art to pieces made with wax, or plastic wrap, or paint chips. There are multi-media collaborations, photographs, and even paintings that, with the help of a smart phone, create sound. His eclectic style is meant to appeal as many senses as possible, to evoke a feeling.

For his first solo show, "Kiss My Art," opening at the Chris White Gallery on Friday, February 1, Falkinburg will show 30 pieces, plus collaborations with other Shipley artists such as Brad Turner, John Camacho, Lorraine Foster and Kevin Bielicki.

"The idea," he says, "is to be an event instead of an art show; instead of coming in and moving from picture to picture, the whole show will be a feeling. You want to hang out."

Contributing to the event feel will be a variety of guests, including DJ Biz, tattoo artist Larry Dineen with a live tattoo session, and hip-hop dancers.

"Kiss My Art" is a collection, an experiment not hemmed in by a theme or style. Experience it on Friday from 6 to 9, or visit the gallery throughout the month a January.

Chris White Gallery
701 N. Shipley St.
Wilmington, DE 19801

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  1. JR will be Rockin this experience, artistically challenging our idea of an art show.