Monday, December 13, 2010

Artist Rowena Macleod at the Art Loop

Tower Hill School treasures and supports the arts. That much is clear when you walk into the P.S. du Pont Arts Center, home to a beautiful gallery part of the 2010-2011 Wilmington Art Loop. This month, the exhibit features six artists: Caroline Beck, Yolanda Chetwynd, Debbie Hegedus, Rowena MacLeod, Teal Rickerman and Cathy Spence.

Liza Appel filled the space with her lovely viola playing, as people milled about the exhibit of photography, masks, collage, prints, fiber art and paintings. The exhibitors- all teachers and professional artists-are each accomplished and compelling.

Rowena MacLeod, new to the faculty at Tower Hill, coined the phrase “compeignage” to describe her medium, combination of collage and painting. The rich colors and detailed settings within her pieces exude warmth, unity and feminine strength. MacLeod’s folksy, earthy style hearkens back to that of Marc Chagall or perhaps Paul Guaguin. “Let’s Repaint this World” reminds me why so many of us become artists: we want to make the world around us beautiful- or merely bearable, by fixing its ugliness with a brushstroke or the pluck of an instrument. The artist stands, paintbrush in hand, creating a setting- a world. Often MacLeod’s figures have a large right hand. MacLeod told me she feels the large hand must be the dominant one- the creative one.

The exhibit is open from 8-3 weekdays, until December 17.

(pictured: "Let's Repaint This World" and MacLeod with daughter Fiona standing in front of "Time Revealed")


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