Sunday, April 11, 2010

Art & Community at the April Loop

I always find adventure on the Art Loop, not only in art, but also in community---this one was no different. To start the night, hubby and I enjoyed drinks at the newest Market Street hotspot, Chelsea Tavern. Both bar and tables were filled, a festive atmosphere echoing the space. We ran into Gary Cardi, Partner at Public House, enjoying mussels with friends at the bar and DSO Directory of Community Engagement, Mark Mobley who chatted about the DSO’s new CD (#14 on the classical charts) and the upcoming “Life, Death & Mack the Knife” performance on April 16 & 17.

Post drinks, we headed to Red Mohawk Gallery, where it seemed the entire Art Loop had congregated. Twenty-somethings alongside retirees, veteran artists and students enlivened the room, fueled by the mixed-media pop art works of Brad Turner (and perhaps red wine and Pabst Blue Ribbon). His three-eyed “Casper” and “Dutch Boy” pieces are jocular and graffiti-like. I admired a rustic-looking acrylic on board that advised you to “Question Everything”. People sightings: Delaware Art Museum Development Director Susan Zellner and a pal, and newlyweds artist Nicole Royer and photographer/musician Christian Kaye. Before we left, we said hello to Red Mohawk himself, Geoff Blake, who is looking forward to participating in the Fringe Wilmington Festival this fall.

Just around the corner, Poppycock Tattoo was buzzing---literally. As we walked in, a young guy relaxed in the chair, getting “inked” with an audience watching. The artwork---contorted, mask-like acrylics of Jeff Madonna and quirky, folk art-inspired pen and inks of Joe Breitenbach---jumped from the walls like giant tattoo samples. My hubby particularly liked Maddona’s piece “Gold Mask”; I enjoyed Breitenbach’s PA-Dutch-meets-New-Age-mystic, color-packed work.

Throughout the night, Loopers were treated to members of Delaware Valley Chorale, adorned in apple wreath headdresses and witty signs, roaming in and out of galleries promoting their upcoming concert, Haydn’s The Creation, on May 16. As we walked back to our car, I was thrilled to see the streets still alive with people, most I am sure headed to the re:FRESH afterparty at the DCCA. Hooray for spring activity in downtown Wilmo!


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