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Monday, October 21, 2013

Art News from New Wilmington Art Association

New Wilmington Art Association (NWAA) — the collection of contemporary artists responsible for bringing edgy, exciting works to Wilmington's visual arts scene — is back and excited to begin a new season! They’re already preparing for their first show. 
NWAA also welcomes four new co-directors who will head up the organization: Anne Yoncha, William Slowik, Jessica Taylor, Brian Scatasti.

Please note the email address for NWAA has changed: to contact them & submit work for the DEBUT 2014 SHOW — FREE and OPEN TO ALL.

Friday, October 2, 2009

New Art Kicks Off New Festival

By Guest Blogger, Chuck Holdeman

Wednesday evening saw the opening, concurrent with the Fringe Wilmington Festival, of the NWAA (New Wilmington Art Association) show at a newly renovated, but still unfinished space at 312 Market Street. Association leader Michael Kalmbach informed me that this is still not the location where the organization hopes to permanently settle, an address one block south. The roof is still leaking there, but a contract has been signed for repair. #312 is a large space with art spread out all over, and there is even a corner, sheltered by a curtain, with an overtly sexual sculptural piece.

And if you go, don’t miss the basement, where there is both whimsy and the serious, and where you can pick up an application for the services of “The National Identity Renunciation Bureau.” The art on display has lots of variety, some work highly crafted and some raw but all with fascinating complexity. Fringe Wilmington continues through October 4 and the gallery is open Thursday and Friday 6-9, Saturday 1-9, and Sunday 12-4.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Art Helps to Restore a Downtown’s Vibrancy

Mike Kalmbach was an artist looking for exhibit space. The Delaware College of Art and Design instructor noticed a lot of “available” space in myriad buildings in the area. So, this determined young man formed a group of 71 young artists in the same position and presto!: ART POWER---otherwise known as the New Wilmington Art Association---has helped enlivened a number of unoccupied storefronts all around the city.

On July 3, Mike mounted an exhibit of 31 artists on the floor above a sneaker store on 605 Market Street. The art is young, unpretentious and vibrant.

Alexander Chassey’s cynical cartoon style in acrylic on canvas hits hard. Killer shows a thug getting a back-rub from one babe and a beer from another. Francine Fox’s graphite-on-paper drawing series Talking to myself moved me, with its surreal figures whispering into ears with an Alice in Wonderland-esque feel. E.C. Graney’s surprisingly conservative oils on board were refreshing and well-executed. I am still laughing at Lee S. Millard’s Large, Obnoxious Wall Label ink jet print.

The NWAA moves to 214 North Market this fall. Come see them and help them revitalize Lower Market Street.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

3 Arty Things You Need to Know

I love promoting new, unique, or "underground" projects. While I don't consider these "underground", I do believe more people should discover them!

1. DHF Books & Authors Series
Delaware Humanities Forum features City Theater Company actors in a monthly book discussion series called Interpreting Dreams. The first of three programs starts June 19 at 7:00pm at Ameritage Bistro, featuring Song Yet Sung by James McBride, which details the story of runaway slaves. CTC favorite, actor TS Baynes, will no doubt give another of her dynamic performances for the reading that kicks off the program. Also, percussionist Kamau Ngom performs African drum music and talks about connections among blues music, country shouts, and the Underground Railroad.

See or

2. New Wilmington Art Association
This group of contemporary artists has steadily created buzz, and I couldn’t be more jazzed to see their work — sculpture, installation, photography, video and more — arrive on the Wilmington art scene. It’s refreshing, thrilling, sometimes even bewildering — and you need to see it all. NWAA member Ron Longsdorf has a solo exhibition in DDOA’s Mezzanine Gallery through July 17. But July’s Art on the Town (7/3) will see a massive group show from NWAA members at 605 Market. Get there!


3. Brandywine Guitar Quartet
The group features a fave musician of mine: guitarist, composer and teacher Chris Braddock. All its members are classically educated and accomplished performers and instructors around the region, and they’ve joined forces to perform a range of music including classical, jazz, flamenco, and more. Check them out August 9 at 6:00 p.m. at the Cecil County Summer Music Concert Series at Pell Gardens in Chesapeake City, MD.

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