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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Delaware Artist Profile: Kevin Bielicki

The first thing you notice when you enter Kevin Bielicki's Shipley Lofts studio-slash-apartment in downtown Wilmington is the upside-down bonsai. Of course, it's not just an inverted tiny tree, it's a sculpture called "Liminality," part of a series of works using natural bonsai trees juxtaposed with other media such as steel. Just as the piece incorporates the natural beauty of the tree and industrial steel and screws, the series incorporates his art with his horticultural work with The Kennett Collection Bonsai Garden, and will be featured in an exhibition at the Brick Lane Gallery in London this November.

"Liminality" by Kevin Bielicki

Bielicki, a DCAD graduate with a BFA from the University of Delaware, moved into Shipley Lofts three years ago, during his final year at UD. Chances are, if you live in New Castle County, you've seen his work, in the Delaware Art Museum's Centennial Exhibit or on display at the English Language Institute in Newark (you can't miss it -- it's a 19-foot tall bright red piece from his Coral Reef series; a "mini" version that stands about six feet high is on display in his living room).

Another series -- the one that DAM featured -- is the three-dimensional "Rings" series that transforms tree rings into swirled visual illusions that play with light and shadow.

"Rings" by Kevin Bielicki

If you're sensing a recurring nature theme, it will come as no surprise that Bielicki's next Delaware show, opening Friday, August 2, will be at The Delaware Center for Horticulture in Trolley Square. The show, "Connections and Investigations," also features Jeffrey Long, and will explore the connection between the beauty of the natural world and modern humanity.

"Rings" by Kevin Bielicki

Meet the artists and experience "Connections and Investigations" from 5:30 - 8:00 pm at the DHC on Friday, August 2, as part of Wilmington's Art on the Town.

The Delaware Center for Horticulture

1810 North Dupont Street 
Wilmington, DE 19806-3308 

Monday, January 31, 2011

Art Fusion: Contemporary Music & Art Come Together in Wilmo

Next Friday night, while you're out and about on Wilmington's Art Loop, make a point to stop at Shipley Artist Lofts at 701 Shipley Street.  A multi-genre expression of art awaits you there, in a stellar example of artistic collaboration and clever cross-promotion.

The Delaware-based five-piece Baroque/contemporary ensemble Mélomanie and composer Mark Hagerty are each releasing new CDs next week (entitled Florescence and Soliloquy, respectively), and they have partnered with visual artist Kevin Bielicki for a party of the contemporary Arts, adding even more flair to the February 4 Art on the Town.  Mélomanie presents their annual concert series in downtown Wilmington at Grace Church (their next performance follows on February 19).  Mélomanie's CD features 5 local composers including Ingrid Arauco, Christopher Braddock, Mark Hagerty, Chuck Holdeman and Mark Rimple as well as local musicians Fran Berge, Lynne Cooksey, Donna Fournier, Eve Friedman, Douglas McNames, Kimberly Reighley and Tracy Richardson.

While Mélomanie and Mark Hagerty party it up on the lower level of Shipley's Chris White Gallery---with complimentary food & drink, CDs for sale, composers and musicians on hand to meet & greet, and the CD music played throughout the night---Bielicki will present a mixed media exhibit on both floors.  And attendees are encouraged to mix and mingle: music fans can discover Bielicki's sculpture and acrylic works, and visuals arts buffs can enjoy fantastic modern music by local musicians and composers.

Don't miss it!