Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Get Engaged This Fall: 2015 Delaware Arts Summit

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2015 Delaware Arts Summit Registration Opens
Get ready to "Get Engaged" with the arts at the 2015 Delaware Arts Summit on Monday, October 26 at Dover Downs. Detailed information on schedule, speakers and online registration is available at The early-bird deadline is October 1.

Meet Keynote Speaker, Lily Yeh
"I never dreamed that I could change things. Even now, it's not on my agenda to make people's lives better, to revolutionize the system. I don't see myself as a social activist. I am an artist. What I am about is sharing that sense of joy when I am creating with many people, with whoever wants to be a part of that process..." - Lily YehUsing her projects from the inner city of Philadelphia to the genocide-ravaged countryside of Rwanda, Lily Yeh will show the process of transformation on the individual and collective level through the communal act of creating beauty and launching innovative social programs.

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