Saturday, August 1, 2015

Art POPS in Downtown Wilmo

A rendering of the pop-up gallery to be created in HB DuPont Plaza.
In keeping with this summer's "In the Plaza" arts- and entertainment-related happenings, Downtown Visions is sponsoring a free-standing art gallery and juried exhibition on Thursday, August 6, 4:30-7:30pm in HB DuPont Plaza (corner of Delaware Avenue and Washington Street) in downtown Wilmington.

By constructing a professional art venue in the park, The Shaft Space -- an artistic and curatorial collaboration between regional artists Maiza Hixson and Lauren Ruth -- seeks to generate civic dialogue, community and corporate engagement in the arts. Artists from all backgrounds were invited to submit up to three works for consideration.

As a result, approximately 40 Wilmington artists will display their work in the pop-up gallery at the Plaza. Artists' names to be announced soon.

If you have questions, email or contact Maiza Hixson at 302.415.4674.

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