Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Darley Arts Center: Call for Artists

Darley Arts Center, at the corner of Philadelphia Pike and Darley Road in Claymont announces a call for art for its winter exhibit, running December 5, 2014 through January 10, 2015.

The call is open to any living artist, who must submit a maximum of three original pieces (no prints) with a "winter" theme. Entry fee is $10 (checks payable to CRDC). Any artist who is willing to volunteer as a gallery docent during a Sunday of the exhibit can receive a discounted entry fee. A 25% commission will be paid to Darley Arts Center on any artists' sales during the exhibit.

Interested artists should send a .jpeg file — including size (not including frame; art should be no larger than 30" on any side), title, medium and price — to no later than Wednesday, November 26, 2014. 

If chosen, art and entry checks can be delivered to the Darley House (3701 Philadelphia Pike, Claymont, DE 19703) on Saturday, November 29, between 1:00 and 4:00pm. If this time is not convenient, please call Rick at 302-798-1364 or email to make other arrangements.



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