Monday, March 17, 2014

Snapshots: Wicked Winter: The Sick of Winter Show

The Young Werewolves
Wicked Winter, The Talleyville Frame Shoppe and Gallery's annual late-winter art event featuring Dark, Weird, Eerie, Scary and Humorous works by area artists has rarely had a winter so deserving of a show dedicated to being sick of winter. Featuring live music from Philly's The Young Werewolves, the showcased artists include Joe Bellofatto, Robert Bickey, Adam Cruz, Ric Frane, Eric Hendrickson, Pat Higgins, Tina Marabito, Kristen Margiotta, Wendy M., Mark Rosenblatt, Ken Schuler and Matt Stankis. Artwork will remain on display through March 31.

Shop Local by Pat Higgins

In Loving Memory of Miss C. Ardinal by Wendy M.

New works by Tina Marabito and Kristen Margiotta

It Gets Cold When the Fire Goes Out by Ken Schuler

New works by Ric Frane

Junior (Nor the Second) by Mark Rosenblatt

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