Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Dose of Family Holiday Fun at Reedy Point

By Blogger Charles "Ebbie" Alfree III
The Reedy Point Players' production of holiday-themed one-acts, The Toys Gift & Stocking Stuffers, at the Delaware City Community Center is a perfect show for small children and their families. This unique production, directed by eight directors (seven of which are first-time directors and five of them under the age of 18), could even give Scrooge a little Christmas spirit.

Many favorite toys from our youth come to life during the magical production. Guess who's cheating on Ken with G.I. Joe and guess who is despised by the longing-to-liberated baby dolls? That's right...Barbie! I always thought she was to good to be true! Stuffed animals that come to life to make Christmas presents are also a lovely part of this program.

And what's a Christmas show without a few overworked elves and two underappreciated, surfer-dude reindeer? They all make appearances in the production, along with Uncle Sam, Cupid, the Easter Bunny, Ezekiel the Pilgrim & Hagatha the Witch. In one of the acts, the group of holiday icons come together to discuss their frustration with the most famous holiday icon, Santa. By the way, the "big guy" also makes an appearance, to the amazement of all the children in the audience. Between each act The Hahn Family is on-hand to perform Christmas carols and keep everyone in the holiday mood.

This production can warm hearts for kids of all ages. The show closes Sunday, December 18, For tickets ($10 for adults and $8 for students, seniors and active military), visit or call 302.650.4054.

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