Monday, March 8, 2010

DCAD Makes History with Wilmington's Skyline

On a beautiful bright Saturday morning, 262 people-young and old-gathered on the seventh floor of the Renaissance Centre on King Street to help break the Guinness World Record for “The Most People Contributing to the Same Painting Simultaneously.” Sponsored by the Delaware College of Art and Design, the group effort was coordinated to surpass a record set in 2008 by 152 people in Germany. Jessica Sturgis, the college’s Director of Communications invited me to the event, which was coordinated by Valerie Jermusyk, the school’s Director of Development.

Long strips of paper had been rolled out on the floor and tables in this L-shaped room that boasted a glorious view of entire downtown area. The riverfront, the newly revived LOMA district, the Delaware Memorial Bridge and the Courthouse were visible from this swanky loft-like space. Each person was asked to sign in, take a paintbrush, and wait for directions.

As part of the College’s first ever alumni and family weekend, the event was so well-attended they ran out of standard paintbrushes, and some people had to use the tiny doll-sized ones that came with the miniature watercolor sets given as party favors. Treviss Givens (’09 Animation) was there with his daughter, who was having a wonderful time, along with the other children. A freelance web designer, he was happy to be part of the effort.

As the start time approached, some people became very territorial about their plot of paper. When I tried to squeeze in, a couple told me, “Oh no, you can’t paint here. We’re putting the Chase Center right here on the corner.” Once the start time was announced, everyone was required to paint for three minutes without stopping. When the painting was finished, the experimental band, CoCoSyn performed and everyone enjoyed lunch. Wilmington looks forward to making history!


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